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Symptom: Coach settles on one or more corners after leveling

RVA Diagnostic

After leveling, the coach settles on one or more jacks. This can begin almost immediately or occur over a period of time. In some situations, when the night temperature is significantly lower than day temperatures, the jack fluid will cool and some settling/retraction sounds are normal. Otherwise, complete the following steps.
1. Verify manual retract valves are closed. Hand tighten, firmly.

a. If one was found open or loose then tighten and retest.
b. If all were tight then proceed to the next step.

2. Check all jacks and hydraulic lines for leaks.
a. If hydraulic fluid is observed coming down the ram of the jack cylinder, then check the hose fitting to see if that, and the hose are tight. Also the fitting is not leaking from the crimp to the hose. If the hose and fitting check okay, replace the jack.

b. If no leaks are found then proceed to the next step.

4. Check hydraulic pump, and valve assembly for leaks around hoses and fittings.

a. If leak is found at a fitting, then replace, or tighten the fitting. Then retest for leaks.
b. If a leak is found to be a hose, replace the entire length of the leaking hose.
c. If a leak is found around the fluid tank where it meets the pump housing, you will need to replace the pump assembly.

3. If 1/2/3/4 check out, then a jack settling can be caused by a leaking retract valve.

a. Any debris under the seat of this valve can cause the jack to retract slowly after leveling. You can try to remove the valve and clean the valve and cavity. If this does not work then you will need to replace the retract valve assembly and retest.