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RVA Jack Reseal Kit Installation

  • One end of the wire has a 90 degree bend. This inserts into the retaining ring,  allowing it to push and pull the wire into and out of the cavity.
  • You can use a 3" spanner wrench with an 1/8" pin, to turn the retaining ring in order to push the wire out of the cavity.
  • Be sure when turning the retaining ring that you do not lift out the end that has the 90 degree bend,
  • If you do the wire will not be pushed out when turning the retaining ring.
  • Before installation of the seal kit, make sure to inspect the inner walls of the cylinder for damage. If damage is noted. Replace the jack cylinder.
  • Some of the older backup rings are made of leather, the new ones are not, however they are installed in the same position.
  • When installing the new seals, dip them in Dexron ATF before installing them.
  • Use caution not to damage the new seal with anything sharp when installing it.
  • Once the new seals are installed, just complete the process shown above in reverse.