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Symptom: Jack(s) Retract Slowly

RVA Diagnostic

RVA Jacks are single acting hydraulic cylinders, only using hydraulic pressure to extend the jack. Each jack is retracted by the external spring(s) Located at the top of each jack is a flow control valve. The flow control valve slows down the retract speed of the jack when the jack is supporting the weight of the coach. As the weight of the coach is removed from the jack, the retract speed will increase. Normal retraction time for all jacks to be retracted 45-55 seconds in 60-80 degree temperature. However, when the temperature drops and approaches freezing, the fluid becomes thicker and flows more slowly back to the reservoir. Consequently retraction time can significantly increase.

If jack retraction time is significantly above 55 seconds in normal temperatures, the extend valve located on the side of the aluminum manifold, opposite the hose fittings, should be removed and checked for foreign objects. See "Retract/Extend valve replacement" procedures. Look for chips, or foreign objects caught in the valve or there may be a sticking valve spool (this is located in the center of the valve). If foreign objects are present, remove and retest system. If the spool is sticking, replace the valve and retest.